Posted by: teentoinks | October 29, 2008

Translation 101

I have just read the blog of my friend (Jorge) and he is dealing about the difficulties in English. Sometimes it’s really annoying that I can’t really explain what I want to say when I speak and write English, and that’s the reason at times that I intend to pause and think for awhile if my grammar is understandable. Well, if I have the hard time dealing with English how much more the”accent”… Grr… Way back when I was in Australia I felt sooo alone not because I was ALONE (literally) it’s just some kind of the feeling that nobody understands me in this world except my family… Hello.. Request lang, mag tagalog ang Aussie! ahikhik

As you all know, Australian accent is hard to understand if you’re not used to it. But I love the accent. I have these memories that I felt so BOBO every time I remember dealing with Aussie.. Oooww.. Like, when I was with my cousin’s girlfriend, she asked me “you want kapati?” Yeah.. KAPATI, grr.. I heard it right… kapati.. and I was like looking at her trying to dig all words into my brain if I’ve learned that word in school, but I ended up.. staring at her! Grr… so she asked me again and a cup on her hand saying “TEA?”. That, I realized what she asked me is if “I want a CUP OF TEA”, funny but really sounds like KAPATI! Ahahaha….

Did I say got plenty of memories of kabobohan there…? Here’s the other one, one time kids keep on knocking on our door saying “calats on” grrr… heard it right again.. “calats” and again I was like my brain is dropping into pieces, Oh life! It took me about a minute to compose myself…. Translation 101 is…. “CAR LIGHT IS ON”. Weeww… Here’s another one… grr… told you marami eh! “KAKIS” grrr…. Kakis?? Ahahaa again translation: “CAR KEYS” Woowww… and even on the phone.. got plenty of story, specially dealing with their names… here, I picked up the phone and asked the name, she said DOT…. Ahahhaa what?? Again she said Dot… so I told her that she called the wrong number, ahaha for no further explanation it was Dorothy, cleaner of my aunt! And another one is “EN” daw?? “could you please spell your name…. so she said A, double N, E…. out of kabobohan I almost shout her name as ANNE with capital A as AH not as what she pronounced “EN” Ahihihihi Ay ENGOT!

Ok enough to that! Good day mate! See yah again sometime, soon I guess!



  1. Wahehehe! Well at least you are in an english country unlike me, its either you will teach them how to speak english fluently or they will pull you down and become so ‘bobo’ hahaha.

  2. Yeah right.. magkalat ng kabobohan sa ibang bansa! Grrr…

  3. kakatuwa naman story mo ’bout australians… parang mga black americans though super ganda talaga pakinggan ng australian english accent 🙂 hihi

  4. Hehehe…. I agree with Jorge, kaya masuwerte ka parin Tina kung nag kalat ka man eh natuto ka naman ng accent ng totoong english 😉 heheheh kakatuwa naman ng Blog mo. REQUEST: dalasan mo naman ang pag BLOG para may mapag libangan ako dito, at ng may ma okray din ako.

  5. Hahaha.. Thanks sa comment! and thanks for reading at gawing libangan ahaha.. katuwa!

  6. wahahaha.. kaganda nga ng accent nila.. kahirap kausapin no.. pro mas gusto ko ang british accent kasi nakakahawa sila mgsalita.. kasarap pakinggan.. i used to practice speakeng with britney’s accent but i just got this bedroom hallow steroetype oozzineess and sexyness sound..haha.. but really sasanay ako ng may accent ng british malay natin kasi makapunta ako dun diba.. well to start my accent in british e kelanagn ko pang bangitin ang name ne Hermione Granger just to place my tounge in position and i sounded like a gay but i had the accent naman kahit papano. muka akong tanga minsan dito sa office ngasasalita ako mgisa. mahirap matutunan.. well kakatuwa naman experience mo sa Austra.. wag ka na babalik don ha..sinisira mo image natin hahaha.. joke lang po..

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