Posted by: teentoinks | September 25, 2008

Just ME… and YOU! no US!

I understand that keeping our personality and identity in a world that trying to change us is actually one tough challenge of life, and you have changed. Just like others said, “change is good”, but is it too much if I ask you to stay who you are, for who you are I feel protected and though we have so many differences you make me feel cared. I’ve known you for so long, we build memories and bonded by time, I even entertain the thought of liking you, loving you but I just realize you’re no longer YOU, you’ve changed. Sometimes we tend to get drown over half glass of water, there this times that something has to happen for us to be heard, but I want you to listen to what I cannot say!

You’ve been so appreciative since I’ve known the “YOU”, you’ve been there willing to be heard and listen even words not spoken, but that was YOU. And now you’ve changed, and I don’t know exactly how to describe you now that you’re no longer the person I used to know.

You put me into a big thought of how this feeling started, and I can’t do anything but to accept the fact that I can’t have you, ang sakit na. I long for you though you long for somebody else. I want to let go off you, but it feels the same way.. masakit pa rin. I know that the less you know the less pain I could suffer. I just hate being ignored as much as being caught. I know where to stand and it is clear, there’s no US, just YOU and ME.



  1. Whoa! That’s something! Ang lalim ah! hehehe

  2. UPDate ka naman para may mapaglibangan! – eric

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