Posted by: teentoinks | July 18, 2008

The Trip

Here again, too bad it took me for so long to update my blog but hey I’m back (for now). Well, just wanna tell the trip I’ve made last May, yeah last May…. (then why just now writing?) hmmm… let just say I’ve been waiting for them (jrg/bon) to make a blog of our trip so I could pick some ideas to write here, but seems their busy (wasshooo…) hmm.. so what can I do? Ok.. Here’s the story behind our trip… Well, I could say it’s a MOMENT to remember!

We (me&bon) left Philippines for Malaysia around 12noon and it’s raining, I was so scared of the weather for I can’t imagine the small plane could surpass the harsh weather, well.. Good thing that before we gotten inside of the plane the conditions became clear and clearer; in the plane the first thing I look up to is the life jacket and the “exits” not to mention the instructions.. haha, arrived in Malaysia around 4pm. We’re being told by Jrg to travel by bus going Sentral Terminal and he’ll pick up us there. In Sentral Terminal… I saw Jorge waiting on his “FORMAL” the coat and tie outfit (hahaha joke.. Superb!) waiting for a hug (ooowww…) He looks so firm and proper, well looks could be deceiving… Hehehe (okray!) Neweis, walkathon about half kilometers to monorail station, our destination is TITIWANGSA, too bad the only station I remembered! Hahhaha… No questions ask pls! Right after we got out to that “titiwangsa” station, we’re headed for a lunch/meryenda/dinner ‘coz it was too late for lunch but too early for dinner. My first order… TOM YUM! Wahoo… but that wasn’t good as what I’ve expected. Pwede na rin pagtyagaan! Ahihihi Then another 1hour travel to Jorge place “GENTING”… hmmm (jrg, 1hour ba yung 2hours??) Neweis, Jorge place is nice, I like the cold weather, just like Baguio hhmmmm…

The next day we went to GENTING Highlands (peak)… ahh whatever.. basta the place where entertainment, casino, hotels, theme park etc. located. Well, we just had “PICTORIALS”.. pictorials… pictorials at pictorials… there, mangulit at magpacute sa mga pix! We had lunch there, the famous Malaysian food the “bah kuh teh” (wahhh.. the heck w/the spelling) hahaha! We ride in the worm train so we could see and travel the entire Theme Park of Genting Highlands (peak) and also cable car, we’re just hanging there for hmmm… almost 15minutes… la lang, di ako natakot. Hehe! Si Bon kaya?? hikhik

The following day, we packed things up to go to KL. We’re bound to go to our “reserved” hotel rooms (naks.. rich!) were the controversial “no durians” in elevator engraved… I just find it soooo offensive… ‘coz that discriminate the rights of durians! (hahahaha).. Well, I just don’t wanna go detailed, but one thing I just wanted to make it clear that durians have the same smell of……. Codename:PANA? Hikhik! So, what supposed to be written there in elevator… “No Durians… No PANA” Wahhh (tsuri!) Just making fun! Hope nobody gets this clear so nobody gets hurt! Ahahaha… we just rest a lil’ bit then we went to what they called “night market” during day time wehehehe…. What I am fond and enjoyed is when walking in the rain and we’re just stranded because of the heavy rain. I don’t know I just love the feeling of being stranded (w/friends) ‘coz we all don’t know what to do next for we don’t know how long that rain could last! But then, out of nowhere someone shouting “payong”… hahaha that man shouting is the man who sells “payong” yup! The umbrella..ella.. ellla.. eh.. eh! Hahaha Yup.. Payong din sa language nila! Kaaliw!! kaya bumili kami ni bon.. Nakatago un… di ko ginagamit, baka mabasa eh! Ahihiihi! Finally, tumila na ang ulan, rest uli sa hotel tas punta naman sa “Pavillion Mall”, just like “rockwell” of Phil.! Nice mall… but wasn’t good for those who have tight pocket… sa madaling salita “walang pera”…. Kami un! Kaya ayun pictorials lang ule… hahhaa! Then Starbucks…. Before we went home.. I mean in hotel we buy something to drink tas kwentuhan ‘gang 4am… Zzzzzz…….

Morning of 24th June, we went to Sungei Wang… Jorge and Bon bought a toy – the HELI.. They were very amaze and I was like looking at them and I’m sooo stunned on how these MEN turned like a 5year old boy! Very excited on their new toy! Haha.. So, I don’t wanna slip away the moment, so I took the camera and shoot every angle of that moment … I mean it.. every angle… all angles! Hahaha.. Then… We went to Petronas Tower.. as usual photo shoot na naman as if we owned the place. I just fell in love with the architectural design of the highest building in the world – “The Petronas Tower” (FYI: after the Twin Tower became ground ZERO). I just can’t believe that I was there staring at one of the famous building on earth (woow). Then to AQUARIA, it was like the “Ocean Park” of the Philippines, I enjoyed the place… We had so much fun (sharks!).

Then things packed and we need to sleep in the nearest hotel in Sentral Terminal so we could travel by bus to Airport as early as possible. So…. What’s the next destination??? Conquer ASIA! Hikhik!

For the Pictures: Just check my album – Malay in Asia! (ref: Friendster)

Synopsis of the TRIP:
Well, its not the place we’ve visited.. it’s not the money we’ve spent but it’s the moment we’ve shared and the memories we’ve build together.



  1. Ayun! nagpost din ng blog!! O ayan, nde na ako galit, beh!
    Thanks parekoi and you enjoyed your trip. Where is our next destination?

  2. Next Destination??? San nga ba? hahhaa Mars naman!

  3. Naks naman naupdate na nya ang blog niya… ang saya naman ng vacation nyo… deceiving ba looks ni jorge? 😉 parang super serious nun pala super patawa noh 😉 Teka bakit wala yatang comment si Boni ah…

  4. Rache.. tnx for viewing! Wala pa nga comment si Bon… busy daw eh! ahihihihi!

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